The youth exchange project “Coolinary youth” in Samobor, Croatia

From 07 – 15 September in Samobor took place our Youth exchange with title Coolinary youth! An
amazing group of 23 young people from Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia and Spain spent time on
getting to know each other culture and exploring gastronomical heritage.

Our main goal was to explore various cultural cuisines, food diversity, and to keep alive basic
gastronomy heritage. The activities were aiming at representing or discovering differences in
cultures not only through the food but also the procedures and groceries, workshops about
traditional cuisine and pastry.

Through various activities participants also developed and improved their soft skills, mostly
in presenttaion skills, communications and self.confidence. Being in an international
environment they also improved laguage skills, especially English. Informal way of education
was present all the time and it was very enjoyable and fun.

Most amazing part was preparing all delicious food from participating countries. Exploring
new ingredients and recipes was a fun way of informal learning. A full stomach was a must
within the whole week. . Each country cooked and presented their most common national
dish. We prepared fritule with apple and powderd sugar and sataraš with hand made pasta.
Our dishes were very succesfull and tasty!

A great team of people took care of us all the time and we experienced an unforgettable
staying full of amazing adventures and international friendships.